SOAM (Flutter/Dart)

About This Project:
This project was a group project for Battle of the schools 2019 where we had to develop an app for elderly and people who live in assisted lived complexes the people who commissioned the work wanted a way for the people who will be using the app to have more freedom and experience less loneliness. This app was our solution to that it’s build around being easy to navigate with features to help people with hearing, vision, and reading disabilities also.

I’ve built the accessibility part of the application such as text to speech, speech recognition, creating and searching for services using voice commands, so that the app can be used only by talking.

For further info about the app

Domus (Unity) (GGJ18)

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About This Project:
This project was a group project for Global game jam 18, where me and 3 other developer from the same class worked on, and the assets and the art was done by 2nd year artists.
I made the camera controller, the stair system and half of the puzzles.
After the competition I fixed some of the logic and stair bugs in the game cleaned up the code and added an extra puzzle, new audio system, more visual aid and a new dialogue system so you can experience the story.

Ray Casting (C#)

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About This Project:
I have made this project as my exam for the 4th block game math subject, in this project i create and implement my own ray/line casting. Where you create an infinite line and it stops when it intersects with an object that it should interact with.

8134 (Unity)

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About This Project:
This project is the complete game for my project in blocks 3-4 for the 1st year, it’s a top-down survival-horror shooter which is rouge-like, it uses the Terrain (Unity) to randomly generate the terrain and populate it, your objective is to survive as long as you can, and get as high of a score as you can. The game features different types of enemies ranging from slow heavy hitting to weak and agile, you also have variety of gun you can choose from.

Random Terrain Generator (Unity)

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About This Project:
This project is half of the game for my project in blocks 3-4 for the 1st year, it’s a custom unity terrain editor which manipulates the terrain’s surface and adds textures according to the height and slope of the terrain, the surface is randomly generated depending on the method you want to generate it for example: Midpoint displacement, perlin noise, voronoi tessellation, and later we add the vegetation and tree, we can adjust how dense or thin we want them while also editing their color.

My Kraft (Minecraft Clone) (Unity)

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About This Project:
I made this game as my project for the second block in the 1st year, the game is clone of Mine Craft.

Red Boy (Super Mario Clone) (Unity)

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About This Project :
My first ever game for the first block in the 1st year, it’s heavily based on Super Mario, your objective is to gather as many points as you can and get to the exit, you will encounter progressive level design where an obstacle is introduced and then later made gradually harder.

Later i ported to game to android.